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These are all new gearboxes. Each unit is dynamically tested before despatch. Don't be misled by our more expensive competitors!

Jaguar 5 Speed Conversions
The T5 is a 5 speed conversion for Jaguars that maintains a factory fit that requires no cutting. This is based on the Borg Warner World Class T5 5 speed gearbox. It is assembled using components to make fitting in various Jaguar applications possible. Currently T5's have been installed in XK120 - 150, E - Type 6 cylinder, E - Type 12 cylinder & the MK2 Saloon. The gear lever locations remain where Jaguar intended them to be. Because these units are hand assembled with closer tolerances, they perform much better than the production transmissions used in Mustangs & Camaros. They are the same high quality as used in the Cosworth Sierra & T.V.R Tuscan. Special tailhousings and output shafts are used to bring gear levers out in the proper location. Converting to T5 allows for cheaper replacement parts and longer parts availability.

We also make E Type 5 speed gear knobs, and billet racing gear levers for that special touch!

The conversion kit comes complete with a modified prop shaft, (exchange) new clutch plate & all necessary parts ready to fit, even the correct oil is provided. A competent garage should be able to carry out the complete conversion in 30 man hours.

The T5 is fully synchronised in all 5 forward gears. It has a non synchronised reverse gear. All mainshaft gears are on needle bearings and all blocking rings except for 5th gear are fibre composition with a dual cone design on 1st and 2nd gear. The weight of a 6 cylinder T5 is 68lbs. The Jaguar box weighs a minimum of 84lbs. These gear sets are rated at 330 ft 1bs. static torque.

6 Cylinder E-Type £3,600 + VAT V12 E-Type & MK2 £3,800 + VAT
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BW T5 Gear Ratios                                      Standard Jaguar 4 Speed Ratios    

1st        2nd        3rd        4th        5th                    1st        2nd        3rd        4th       

2.95     1.94     1.34     1.00     0.8                   2.94     1.90     1.39     1.00

%drop  0.34     0.30     0.25     0.20                 %drop  0.35     0.27     0.28