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Body work

Our highly skilled and experienced body technicians produce superb quality body and paint finishes

The use of modern paint finishes with their excellent durability combined with traditional panel beating and lead loading techniques make our body work simply the best.

On major body restorations we have been offering full chemical stripping & Electrocoating of the body shell. This is a 2-stage process, the first stage strips all existing paint coatings & rust from the body by complete immersion in a purpose built tank. The body is then passivated to prevent new short term corossion. All necessary metalwork repairs can then be carried out on the completely rust-free body.
In the second stage the body passes through a multi-stage zinc phosphate immersion paint process where the material is Anodically attracted to the steel.
Since first using this process we have discovered on one particular vehicle that rusting had begun to appear again in the folded seams of panels like doors & the boot lid skin. Therefore although we comtinue to have body shells chemically stripped, we have stopped having them E-Coated & have gone back to normal spraying & coating methods until we have investigated this more fully.


We have now gone back using Dinitrol for cavity rust protection. Long term tests by the German classic car magazine AUTO BILD of all the commonly available cavity waxes did show that Mike Sanders protection out-performed all the other products. We did use this material for some time as a result of these tests. However , the material is very difficult to use as it must be heated to 120 degrees Centigrade for spraying. At this temperature the grease becomes a very thin (& very hot!) liquid which is supposed to penetrate to all the nooks & crannies. Our experience has been that where the grease penetrates it does work very well, but because it begins to cool very quickly as soon as it touches the metal it cannot acually penetrate at all well. This was demonstrated when we had to re-skin a MK2 door that had rusted again & the grease had clearly solidified almost imediately after spraying.
If your German is up to it, you can see the Auto Bild report at


Major insurance companies now use us regularly for accident repairs to valuable classic Jaguars