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XK120/140/150 Disc Brake conversion kits

Our XK brake upgrades are now available for various stages of brake improvements. These kits have been developed in our own workshops & are tried & tested. Wherever possible reconditioned original Jaguar parts are utilised as the basis for these excellent kits.

Prices are dependant on the level of upgrade required & the model. Call or E-mail for a quotation.

Additional Suspension Kits

Renewing the wishbone bushes with polypropylene units and the fitting of a good quality shock absorber such as Koni or Gazmatic, heavy duty anti-roll bar, torsion bars & solid rack mountings further improve the handling of the car & supplementary kits are available.

E-Type Front 4-Pot Vented Disc Conversion

Kit Contents:
2 Modified Steering Uprights
2 Sealed Bottom Ball Joints and fasteners
2 Front Stub Axles
2 Wheel Bearing Kits
2 Steering Arms
2 Top Wishbone Adapter Blocks
2 Vented Discs
2 Reconditioned 4-Pot Calipers
10 Disc/Hub Bolts and 10 Metal Lock Disc/Hub Nuts
plus Full fitting instructions - Cost Excluding VAT & Shipping 795

E-Type Front 4-Pot Vented Disc Conversion Series 1 & 2

Our full vented disc brake conversion kit entirely transforms the braking & handling performance of all Series 1 & 2 Jaguar E-Types.

The kit comes complete with all parts to alter the top wishbone mounting points, Similar to the works light weight cars, and maintains the all important camber & Ackerman angles of the steering alignment during fast cornering.

Stronger stub axles are used to prevent flexing, which causes camber changes & brake pad knock back.

The front disc conversion can be used with the standard Jaguar curly hub or flat hub wires. Or with the Aston Martin DB6 series 2 wires using the wider 205/70 VR 15 tyres.

Vented Rear Brake Conversion suitable for E-Type series 1,2 & 3 and all other IRS Inboard Disc Models.

Heat dissipation on IRS inboard discs has always been a problem ever since they were first famously fitted to the 3.8 E-TYPE.

Our new vented disc conversion tremendously reduces rear brake fade & uses XJS pads on all IRS inboard disc cars. Output shaft oil seals are subjected to less heat damage and will have a longer life. Used on 6-cylinder E-Types in conjunction with our front vented disc conversion the transformation is extraordinary.

Conversion Kit Includes: 2 Vented Brake Discs; 2 Adapter Plates; 2 Midified Reconditioned Calipers; 10 Metalock Disc Nuts; 2 Handbrake Adjuster Screws & Bronze Forks; Fitting Instructions

Cost 395 (Excluding VAT & shipping)