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Uprated Heater Unit MK2

The Mark 2 Jaguar has never been noted for the efficiency of its heater unit. Now at last is the answer. A fully uprated bolt - on unit that really works. No more frozen toes and misted winter screens!

In tests the output air temperature from our uprated heater units was 150F, similar to the output air temperature achieved by modern heater units. Identical tests on a standard MK2 heater unit in new condition at the same ambient temperature produced only 120F.

Most importantly this output temperature is maintained with the much more powerful 2 speed motor and enlarged lightweight impeller which has a free air flow at least double that of a standard unit.

The heater units are available in fully finished show standard form ready to fit & complete with a new heater valve, hoses & greatly improved mountings. Easy to fit and complete with fitting instructions and additional tips on getting the best from the improved unit.

  • Complete units finished to show standard - £800
  • Surcharge refundable on viable old unit - £95
  • Your own unit converted & returned unpainted - £650

All prices exclude delivery and VAT