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New Products

We are constantly developing new ideas to improve the performance, handling and braking of classic & modern jaguars.

V12 Opus Ignition Systems

The Opus ignition system developed by Lucas over 35 years ago was an elegant & efficient development in its day. However, the heart of the system , the Amplifier was always its weakest point and very susceptable to component failure.

Even when new , the amplifier was unable to fully control ignition timing between cylinders & as components deteriorated with age, this would become even more of a problem resulting in difficult starting, high fuel consumption & poor performance, particularly under load.

We can now offer Exchange Reopus Amplifier units completely redesigned using hugely improved, more robust, modern electronic components.

The uprated Reopus board is built in to an original Opus amplifier casing so that it is a simple matter to change your amplifier for the uprated unit in minutes.

195 Exchange (Excludes VAT & Shipping)

6 Cylinder Thermostats

Iimproved Bellows Thermostats 3.8 E-Type, MK2 3.4 & 3.8, XK150, 420, S-Type, MK9

Availavle to order only Series 1 4.2 E-Type, MKX & 420

We have for some time had problems with the available replacement for the original bellows thermostats. Although these are better than nothing, they are not as efficient as the originals in restricting the bypass flow when open & can result in overheating problems at high ambient temperatures.

Our new thermostat has a bypass sleeve with the same dimensions as the original type. 48mm diameter & 15mm depth. The currently available replacement is 47mm diameter & only 10mm deep.
The difference in diameter alone allows almost 35% less coolant to flow through the bypass than with the current replacement.

The conversion requires a modification to the thermostat housing cover. This can be done on an exchange basis, or we can modify your own housing & return it with the new thermostat , usually the same day.
SERIES 1 4.2 E-TYPE, MKX & 420 can only be made using your own housing.
COST (Excluding postage & VAT) 29.50
Refundable deposit on return of thermostat housing in re-usable condition 25.