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All work is carried out in our own workshops, with the exception of interior trimming which is by specialist trim companies who work closely with us to ensure high quality throughout.

Our skilled body shop staff not only produce completely restored & superbly finished Jaguar body shells, but also carry out accident and insurance work to the same high standard on all Jaguar models.

After a careful examination of a restoration project a detailed estimate and breakdown of the proposed labour and parts requirement is provided# This preliminary estimate is compiled from our extensive database which covers every aspect of restoration work done in our premises exclusively on Jaguars over many years. This will often include hidden corrosion and other mechanical & electrical problems which cannot be seen, but which from our vast experience we can be 90% certain will be there.

The car is then stripped to its components and all existing paint materials are removed from the body panels. At this point, in consultation with the customer, any unforeseen problems or additional requirements are costed & the estimate is updated to take these into account. The final cost for the work as detailed in this estimate will be within 10% either way.

  • All mechanical & electrical components are warranted against failure for 12 months or 6000 miles, whichever is the sooner.
  • Bodywork is warranted against corrosion (penetration) for 3 years.
  • Both are subject to the vehicle being serviced at the normal intervals, by a franchised Jaguar Agent or a member of the Jaguar Specialist Association. Paint & bodywork similarly must be examined annually and any stone chips or other damage reported & rectified.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, vehicles must be returned to our workshops where repair work will be carried out free of charge.